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How to build a siege tower

The Siege Tower was an invaluable Medieval siege attack weapon. The Siege Tower was designed to to protect the soldiers attacking the defensive walls of a castle, town or fortress.

Building a Ruined Tower for Dungeons & Dragons out of Styrofoam

It was also designed to hold soldiers and siege weapons. The siege tower was usually a tall, rectangular construction with four wheels and a height roughly equal to that of the wall or sometimes higher. The siege tower mechanism carried scores of soldiers, who climbed ladders to move between the different levels of a siege tower.

how to build a siege tower

Near the top of the siege tower was a strategically placed drawbridge which was lowered to allow the attackers to race onto the battlements. Siege Towers were large and expensive to construct - they were therefore the last type of siege weapon to be constructed at a prolonged siege when the fortification could not be penetrated by ladder assault, sapping or by pounding walls.

The framework of the siege tower was covered in animal hides. At the last minute when the siege tower was about to be rolled or wheeled into place the hides were soaked in mud and vinegar to add further protection. There were even iron plates which could be added to the siege towers, although this was an extremely expensive option.

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Siege Tower Objectives The objective of a siege tower was to allow soldiers to mount a direct and close attack on a fortification - castle, fortress or town. Siege Towers were usually constructed with wheels and reached 3 stories in height. Mangonels were sometimes placed at the top of the siege tower.

How to Build a Siege Tower… according to Richer of Saint-Rémi

Siege Tower Variations The relative safety offered by the Siege tower from missiles or fire led to a series of siege tower variations. A horizontal version of a siege tower was developed to provide cover for a battering ram. Conventional siege towers were also known to have a battering ram built into the lowest level of the structure.

Each siege tower was designed to suit the requirements of the wall it was required to attack. Siege Tower History Siege Tower history dates back to antiquity. Records of major English sieges of the Middle Ages mention the use of siege towers. It was not uncommon for the defenders also to build siege towers to directly oppose those of the attackers.Nice tutorial - thanks. You can make them any height, whatever fits best with your figures and castle walls if you have one.

Our tower is 3" from the bottom to the second floor, from there to the third is 3. This height was set to make sure the archer figures would fit. Hope that helps, let us know how it goes! If you are referring to the hinges, it is a coffee stirrer and we glued round toothpicks in the side of the tower.

Put them in first. Once dried, stick tje stirrers onto the toothpicks and then glue them onto the door. Let me know if that helps!

Glad to hear Tom! Hope it worked out. Send a picture or two of your completed tower. You can use any size dowel from your local hobby or craft store. Any round stick would do the trick!

I don't have a coffee stirrer. What alternatives can I use for the hinges?

Siege tower

Liquid acrylics are always good to use. You can pick up 2 fl. Thank you. It's great! My son used your ideas for historical school project. Something was difficult and I helped him. He did this nice siege tower and trebuchet. I'm really happy it helped!! Send us some photos to battlegroundhobbies gmail. I've sent you some photos of our siege engines. We also did a battering ram. There are plastic knights from my childhood on the photos.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. When taking up castle, should only player pull the siege tower or we can command NPC? Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. Foefighter View Profile View Posts.

I've never found a good way to move the siege tower, I sometimes take a shield and go at the front of the pullers to block the arrows, you can use NPC with shields for this, just move them up in your warband before the siege and atleast your un-armored troops wont go and get themselves killed Afaik each time one of the six pullers die it slows down a bit.

In the end I'm usually just running up the ramp and letting my guys do the pulling while I wait for the bridge to go down so i can start swinging my longweapons at the thoughest defenders so my guys can get through.

You can go pull it yourself with a shield but i think its too much hassle for what its worth. Originally posted by Foefighter :. Originally posted by Bung Dorji :. J View Profile View Posts. Last edited by S. J ; 2 Jul, am. Tuidjy View Profile View Posts. I never interfere with my troops pulling the tower.

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What I do, while they push, is locate the defenders that are shooting at them, and putting an arrow or bolt in their head. For best results, have a lot of heavy infantry with shields on the top of your army lists. Also, once the ramp goes down, I tend to do two things: - make my archers hold position in a place where they can shoot at the right side of enemies defending the wall. Last edited by Tuidjy ; 2 Jul, pm. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 2 Jul, am.

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View mobile website.Siege tower in Stronghold Crusader. The siege tower is a wooden equipment that is operated by 4 engineers. It is equipped with a drawbridge that can be deployed onto enemy walls and gatehouses.

When connected to them, any soldiers on foot may scale walls via the siege tower. Once docked, it remains docked and it cannot be moved away. Engineers may abandon the tower upon docking. As stated above, the siege tower is used to quickly overwhelm a castle's weak spot by friendly units. The tower is fairly resistant to missile fire, but moves very slowly and melee units may quickly deplete its health.

how to build a siege tower

Therefore, it requires a good number of units for protection. Fire may also destroy them easily. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Siege tower in Stronghold Crusader Description Edit The siege tower is a wooden equipment that is operated by 4 engineers. Usage Edit As stated above, the siege tower is used to quickly overwhelm a castle's weak spot by friendly units.

Game differences Edit Stronghold, Crusader: 4 engineers are required to move the tower. They can unman the tower, but they leave it immobile this way. Stronghold 2: Two sizes of siege towers are available. The large tower costs more and moves even slower, but it also possesses higher health. When created, they need a small time to be constructed in the siege camp. Stronghold Legends: The siege tower can station a maximum of 25 units on its top.

When loaded, the tower moves slower, but it grants a decent height advantage for its units.

Siege Tower (Civ6)

It requires 1 peasant and is created instantaneously. Categories :. Cancel Save.Fantastic use of materials. If I ever get round to making a siege tower then I'm going to be copying this version. Excellent bit of modelling Mike! What a magnificent creation! It's convincing and functional to boot.

Siege Warfare Manual – Easy Guide to Node Wars

Thanks for sharing how you put it together too Thanks, Jonathan. Yes, it took me a "few" hours to get it ready. Incredible "Do-it-yourself" tower Hi again. Eingestellt von Fritz II. Dalauppror January 7, at AM. Fritz II. January 7, at AM. Uwe January 7, at AM. Ubique Matt January 7, at AM. January 7, at PM.

how to build a siege tower

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We will get through this together. Updated: March 22, References. Popsicle stick towers are a common engineering project to be assigned in school. Your assignment may have various criteria for height, weight, and number of popsicles, but this guide will give you a general idea of how to construct a sturdy tower out of just popsicle sticks and wood glue. This project is fun and relatively easy to do. When you are finished with your construction, add weight on top to see how much it can hold.

One way to build a popsicle stick tower is by stacking the popsicle sticks in cubes. Start by gluing 4 popsicle sticks into a square with a diagonal support between two corners.

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Glue the first square into a cube without a top, and the following squares into cubes without tops or bottoms. Then, stack the cubes on top of each other, gluing them in the corners where they meet. Secure them with clothespins while the glue dries. If you want to learn how to stack more cubes on top of your tower, keep reading the article! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 7 references. Learn more Explore this Article Making the Basic Squares. Joining the Squares into One Floor. Assembling the Floors into a Tower. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need.

Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Gather the necessary materials.The most common way for a faction to gain control of a fief is by besieging it defections are the only alternative. Since the game is designed so that no faction will ever conquer all of Calradia without the player's intervention, players are expected to participate in many sieges during a game.

As a prerequisite, you will need to have a few men to besiege something - you are not even given the option if you don't have enough troops in your company. While a fortification is under siege, some of the usual entry options will be unavailable. No special equipment is required for laying siege.

However, to assault a fortification requires construction of ladders or siege towers. The siege equipment constructed is unique to the fortification and takes time based on your engineering skill to build. If you do not want to assault it directly, you will have to wait until the residents surrender, usually from starvation 30 days in a castle and days in a town. If sufficiently outnumbered, defenders may surrender immediately. The following table indicates time required to build siege equipment based on your Engineer skill.

Levels are only attainable through the party skill bonuses. Depending on the number of troops involved, battles during an assault on towns or castles could take place in between one and four theaters. In rare cases, these battles may be repeated.

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This is where the defenders inside the castle sally out to meet your assault. This theater typically happens when the defenders greatly outnumber the attackers; it may be omitted if the town or castle has few defenders, or you may have to fight it several times if the garrison is large enough.

This theater is the main stage of a siege and the only battle phase that always occurs. This is where your ladders or siege tower come into play, and the defenders on the walls will constantly attack you and your troops while they charge up the ladders or siege tower and onto the walls. An ideal way to win this stage is to bring your best archers, often Rhodok Sharpshootersand your best melee infantry, often Nord Huscarlsto this stage.

Use the Huscarl's shields for cover while the Sharpshooters pick off enemy archers on the walls. When the rain of arrows on your men have stopped, order your Huscarls to charge. You must go into the streets with some of your troops and defeat the defenders there.


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